Avoid production scares with Anti-Ghost technology.

Ghosting nightmares

The phenomenon of ghosting has always been part of a flexographic printer`s nightmare and countless hours of downtime always follow. Numerous press alterations along with the unavoidable change from standards make this one of the worse print defects to deal with.

A ghosting issue within a run can result in poor levels of image quality leading to costly re-prints.

The Anti-Ghost triple blade system

The Absolute Anti-Ghost chamber has proven to eliminate all difficult ghosting issues. These specially designed chamber works to force air and contaminate out of the anilox cells before the third blade replenishes the anilox cell with fresh ink to ensure correct metering of the anilox before printing.

Optimised press speed

One of the largest costs of ghosting to a company is the sudden loss to capacity. Most operators will slow the machine to at least 50% of the original production speed in an attempt to try and combat ghosting issues. The Absolute Anti Ghost chamber will ensure you can maintain optimal machine speeds at all times.

Keep your ink tolerance

It's commonplace to adjust ink viscosity & ink formulation to minimise ghosting, but this only moves the print away from agreed standards and can have a disastrous impact further along the production line such as customer rejection.

See how effective Anti-Ghost could be for you

To combat ghosting, there are a variety of methods and workarounds used but one thing is common in all of them: Reduced output. We don’t accept that.

Production hour speed (average)




Anti Ghost vs the alternatives

(Based on an hourly production value of $450)

Making adjustments

(i.e adjust ink / reformulations / press settings)


Running a slower speed

(i.e 300 ftpm)


Lifting the job

(Time, waste and capacity loss)


Anti-Ghost technology is available for both our chamber systems

Whether it is our 2G Chamber or the Chamber3 system, Anti-Ghost technology is available to make ghosting a distant memory.

“We have replaced most of our OEM systems with Absolute. We are so happy with the improved performance we’re specifying them on new machines too!”

Matt Duncan, Print Value Stream Manager
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