24 years of experience supported by 75 years
of insight.

Not only have Absolute been innovating in the Flexible packaging sector for nearly a quarter of a century but our parent group, Pamarco have gained incredible industry insight from their 75 years in business. This gives Absolute a solid foundation you can trust to supply and support your operation for years to come.

Our experience

Years of engineering innovation to deliver results today

We’ve worked with a wide range of operations in the Flexible packaging sector. We’ve been able to identify common pain points and develop our products to have the biggest impact in the areas that matter the most. From enhancing day-to-day operations that strengthen safety measures for operators, to optimising overall business efficiency, our solutions are designed to elevate every aspect of your ink circuit.

Trust in our quality and steadfast service

Installs on every major machine manufacturer and for most end users across the Flexible industry.



2G Chamber

The original, and best, carbon fibre dual-blade system

2G Chamber offers dedicated chamber profiles designed to overcome the challenges of high production speeds on modern Flexible packaging presses. The natural resonance dampening effect of carbon fibre ensures a clean anilox wipe and higher quality print result.

  • Minimised vibration leading to better results
  • Asymmetric design helps eliminate ‘back doctoring’ meaning better chamber performance and less downtime
  • Our Kiss-Touch Loading System ensures ultimate consistency for your operators.

2G Chamber

Kiss Touch consistency with the touch of a button

Absolute Kiss Touch technology ensures loading with light consistent pressure on the roller whilst maintaining a locked position in place for ultimate stability to minimise vibration and enhance your ink doctoring.

This combination achieves an extremely high level of doctoring consistency you can rely on. In addition, your operators have peace of mind that a perfect chamber load will be achieved at the press of a button every time, freeing them to focus on consistent quality Flexo print.

With Kiss Touch, you can improve:

  • Blade life
  • Seal life
  • Anilox life

Using Kiss Touch, our customers are seeing in excess of 3 million metres.

Your Absolute chamber deserves the best blades

High performance ink doctoring needs high performing blades, so we developed A-blades to achieve a high level of performance, efficiency and longevity.  A-blades have been rigorously tested with Absolute chambers to maximise the performance of your 2GChamber.

We provide A-blades in bespoke size configurations for your chambers. They can also be provided pre-cut to maximise efficiency in blade changes.



Avoid production scares with Anti-Ghost

The phenomenon of ghosting has plagued the flexibles sector with countless hours of downtime created. Absolute’s Anti-Ghost technology makes those days a thing of the past.

Discover Anti-Ghost

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