Chamber3: The product

Quicker, simpler, safer. Pick 3.

The evolution of Chamber3

Chamber3 showcases our unique new AirClamp technology, engineered to dramatically improve the way our already renowned 2G Chamber works. While conventional chamber clamp systems seize up with use, AirClamp delivers safe and trouble-free fitting or removal, again and again for years, not weeks. With blade pressure automatically equalized by AirClamp, it’s a system that’s quicker and more reliable, over a longer period of time.

The safest Chamber we’ve ever made

Our 2G Chamber introduced tool-free blade removal to the world, but Chamber3 goes a step further with the most automatic blade removal system ever made.

AirClamp is a game-changer.

Perfect blade positioning, every time

TrueBalance technology is another game-changer. Our unique AirClamp system creates perfectly equalized pressure along the full length of the blade. This ‘true balance’ makes all the difference when it comes to delivering outstanding performance.

Chamber side view

Don’t be afraid of ghosting

The Anti-Ghost triple-blade technology ensures you can run at your optimum production speeds without worrying about the headaches and cost that come with ghosting issues.

Discover Anti-Ghost technology

A carbon fibre quality that’s out of this world. Literally.

There’s nothing new about carbon fiber chambers, we've been making them for 20 years. With Chamber3, we've used a high-grade carbon fiber that's also used in aerospace engineering.

“In all our flexo print trials we have never seen a chamber 100” wide meter so precisely at 300m/min. Great job! There is no doubt Absolute will be supplying our chambers moving forward.”

Jeff Dumbach
Corrugated Synergies International

There’s a Chamber3 to suit your anilox

No other company produces such a full spectrum of chamber profiles to suit your individual anilox diameter and face. So whatever your specifications, you can trust Absolute to provide the best solution.

And Absolute is unique in tailoring our design to the optimum doctoring angle, creating the perfect wipe and color reproduction for your needs.

Absolute also offer the widest range of chamber conversions (from 4”/100mm to 220”/5,600mm), and, with our fastest systems running at 3,000fpm/1,000mpm, you can be sure our installation archive can produce a perfect match for your requirements.

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