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Absolute’s chambers continue to drive high levels of performance for Tissue operations across the globe. Our years of experience working with Tissue have enabled us to gain key insight into the challenges faced across the sector. Whether it’s been the operational hurdles presented as a result of particulate debris or the nuances of water based ink circuits, we’ve continued to improve and innovate our chambers to offer a high performing and ultra reliable solution to the demands of tissue operations.

Our experience

Engineering expertise exemplified

Absolute’s engineers and installation teams have the experience of thousands of chamber installations across every major machine manufacturer. We’re also backed by a legacy of 75 years of experience from our parent group, Pamarco, so you can rest assured that our relationship going forward will be as reliable as our rock-solid past.

Trust in our quality and steadfast service

Installs on every major machine manufacturer and for most end users across the Tissue industry.



2G Chamber

Perfecting a Tissue specific chamber for glue lamination or Flexo print

It’s no surprise that Tissue chambers have to perform to high levels in hostile environments. The day-to-day strain of regular high speed runs, wash-up cycles and countless blade changes set an extremely high bar for chamber performance and consistency.

We make chambers for both Flexo print of Tissue and glue lamination. We carry out glue lamination for Tissue systems and Flexo print for design on Tissue.

Our years of experience with Tissue chamber engineering, installation and innovation have driven our teams to develop our 2G Chamber with evolutions such as the non-corrosive carbon fibre construction that massively outperforms traditional aluminium chambers whilst also being stronger with a vibration dampening design. In addition, the 2G Chamber lightweight construction and toolless blade change make operation as easy as ever for your teams.

Fibre Guard

Don’t let fibre clog your productivity

Fibre coagulation clogging up your system is the cause of repeat, lengthy and frustrating stoppages for both your runtime and your operators working with Tissue.

Absolute Fibre Guard has been designed to integrate with 2G Chamber offering protection from the fast build up of tissue dust.

Absolute Chambers fitted with Fibre Guard can see up to six times fewer stoppages leading to a significant increase in runtime and productivity. It’s also available for both new 2G Chambers and as an upgrade to your existing Absolute 2G Chambers.

Blade Wash

Enhance new wash efficiency into your current operation

With the Absolute Blade Wash, operators now have complete control over the time and scheduling of wash-up plus added safety features also detect when the press is disengaged to prevent spills and mishaps. This means that with a simple button press, the automated wash will action and finish without input from the operator, leaving them to move onto other important tasks in the process and work more efficiently.

Blade Wash is the ideal cost-effective upgrade to ageing units in operation to boost productivity in your ink circuit.

Blade Wash
  • Full system control
  • Programmable and efficient
  • No colour contamination
  • Safer operation
Using Bucket wash
  • Inconsistent clean
  • Time consuming operation
  • Manual cleaning required
  • Safety issues

Your Absolute chamber deserves the best blades

High performance ink doctoring needs high performing blades, so we developed A-blades to achieve a high level of performance, efficiency and longevity.  A-blades have been rigorously tested with Absolute chambers to maximise the performance of your 2GChamber.

We provide A-blades in bespoke size configurations for your chambers. They can also be provided pre-cut to maximise efficiency in blade changes.


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