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With 7 huge pre-print projects on the go and the world’s 7 leading packaging integrated groups on their customer base, Absolute are riding into 2016 on a wave of optimism. Certainly, the world’s premier supplier of woven carbon fibre-chambered doctor blade systems to the flexo industry look forward to increasing their market share even further in the months ahead.

Managing Director Antony Whiteside is particularly excited about the future: “There is a lot of investment right now in premium print and our high-quality flexo print installations are gaining momentum as the corrugated converting industry becomes increasingly sophisticated.

‘Making a good box is not enough. End users are looking for great design combined with guaranteed high-quality flexo, and will only specify suppliers whose products enhance their brand. The corrugated industry is now mature enough for end-users to view consistent, fit-for-purpose packaging as a given. What drives their choice is bespoke design and top quality print.”

Absolute’s dealings with the world’s top 7 machinery manufacturers prove his point. These manufacturers are either standardising upon Absolute equipment or being requested to supply Absolute by end users. The reasons are obvious: Absolute not only boasts an impeccable track record on seamless installations but are at the cutting edge of flexo ink system design.

And, according to Antony: “People see that customers are interested in the “whole of life cost” of a product and, with a 15-year guarantee on our carbon fiber chamber, and maintenance free blade clamping they view this as a more efficient investment than any other system.”

As well as supplying the world’s 7 top individual packaging manufacturers, Absolute also deals with the top 7 integrated groups in North America and Europe, “They are buying from us because we are the only supplier on earth to offer 14 different sections of chamber – symmetrical, asymmetrical, single blade and dual blade – for the entire spectrum anilox diameters widths. And our service network is worldwide to support our installations.”

The number 7 may seem a lucky number for Absolute, but Antony believes their success is not due solely to chance! “Much effort has gone into every aspect of our design and installation service, as we’re determined to provide the best possible results for customers on every level.

‘In 2015 the corrugated industry seems to have rediscovered the benefits of high-end pre-print and we’re conducting 7 major pre-print projects at present – some involving upgrades of older machines to ‘as new’ standard; others involving a new generation of disruptive pre-print technology which will change the economics of pre-print globally.”

Looking ahead, there are several blueprints in the pipeline. “We are working very closely with our parent company Pamarco to develop new ink-circuit designs that will enhance both companies’ products further. Their 70 years of experience in the anilox market mean that we can draw on a huge pool of talent and experience to really enhance our offerings to the industry” says Antony.

”Will Absolute’s performance continue? Antony believes: “The harder we work, the more successful we will become. And with future expansion in mind, to support our installations, develop new products and keep standards to their own exacting heights, Absolute have recently employed new staff for our design team and worldwide service support.”

Already, Absolute has made a great start to the year, garnering an impressive group of customers with their equally comprehensive range of design solutions, products and services. If the present trend continues, Absolute is set for an extremely productive 2016!

The Absolute product range

The original and best

The Absolute 2G chamber is used in many of the world’s most productive flexo printers. It’s the original and the best-woven carbon-fibre, dual-blade system for all flexo applications.

Discover 2G Chamber

Quicker, simpler, safer. Pick three.

Chamber3 showcases our unique new Air Clamp technology, engineered to dramatically improve the way our already renowned 2G Chamber works.

Discover Chamber3

Dynamic Fluidics takes UniBlade2 to a whole new level.

We’re all about improvement through innovation here at Absolute. UniBlade2’s ‘dynamic fluidics’ proves it, with higher run speeds and better-than-ever filling consistency, all thanks to the system’s carefully controlled ‘spiral’ ink flow.

Discover UniBlade2

Smart. Consistent. Fast.

Take control of ink and colour management on your flexo. There’s never been an on-press anilox cleaner capable of 100% cell retrieval – until SONO.

Discover Sono

Lose less ink. Use less water.

InkSave offers you a genuine win-win situation, by cutting ink wastage by as much as 80% and reducing water consumption by up to 50%.

Discover InkSave
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