UniBlade2: Performance

Solid performance, reliable results.

2G Chamber

Reduce print unit downtime

Thanks to our tool-free blade clamp, one operator can change blades on a 109” unit in under one minute. Less downtime for your printer, more productivity.

Absolute's quick-release system is simple to use, measurably faster, maintenance free and totally reliable.

Tool & Allen Key

Fiddly, risky, slow, and prone to uneven torque causing rapid blade wear.

Wing Nut System

Quicker than tool & allen key, but still prone to human error and uneven blade wear.

2G System

Absolute’s quick-release system is simple to use, measurably faster, maintenance free and totally reliable.

The blade can be changed on a typical 109” unit in under a minute

Unique vibration damping construction

Flexo often suffers from vibration issues, partly due to the plate layout or to weakness in the actual unit design. Again, Absolute has provided the answer.

UniBlade2 is specifically designed and built with carbon fibre, which absorbs vibration, allowing your unit to run faster without bounce or chatter and producing superb print quality at higher speeds.

Aluminium vs Carbon fibre

Vibration amplitude

Carbon fibre’s superior stability over time means your setup is permanently consistent in its performance.

Carbon fibre’s superior rigidity over aluminium means that vibration is more manageable and consistent in your setup.

Plastic-moulded products such as nylon and UHMW don’t respond well to temperature changes or extremes. Aluminium chamber extrusions are eventually affected by stresses during use. The result is twisting and warping that makes an even wipe across the anilox impossible, causing a massive increase in rejected products and inevitable delays.

Carbon fiber however is 300% stiffer than aluminium and isn’t affected by variations or extremes in temperature and unlike aluminium does not suffer with warp during use. So, you get consistent doctoring, regardless of your unit’s harsh operating environment or print volumes.

Converting from rubber roller to blades

Meet a specalist

Sending an Absolute Design Specialist to check the dimensions of your machine against our comprehensive archive.


Manufacturing, assembling and testing the units in our own facility.

Dispatch and arrange installation

Dispatching them to your facility and arranging for your local Absolute installation specialist to be on-site at your convenience.

Remove rubber roller and upgrade
tick over drive

Upgrade your tickover drive from the rubber roller to the anilox roller.

Fit your new carbon fibre blade and loading system

Installing the new carbon fiber unit.

Start saving

Start benefiting from the cost savings and improved print quality of your UniBlade.

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